sea fever
sea fever

Easkey Britton
Kevin Cavey
John McCarthy
Rod Bennett
Mickey Smith
Dan 'Mole' Joel
Sam Lamiroy
Saul Harvey


Easkey BrittonEaskey Britton

Easkey has been surfing since she was four years old and comes from Ireland's best know surf family. Her father Barry and uncles were some of Ireland's first surfers in the 1960s. Easkey is now a professional surfer, three times Irish Women's champion, current British women's champion and the first Irish woman to surf Aileens or probably any big wave.


Kevin Cavey in the 1960sKevin Cavey

Kevin is generally acknowledged as the father figure of Irish surfing. Upon seeing a picture in Reader's Digest in the early 1960's of a Hawaiin riding a head-high wave, Kevin decided that he had seen similar waves in Ireland and set about building a surf board to catch a wave.
After founding Ireland's first surf club in 1965 Kevin was invited to represent Ireland in the 1966 world surf championships at Ocean Beach, California, where he finished with a highly respectable quarter final placing. Kevin has been surfing ever since and even occasionally teaches surfing.


Irish big wave pioneer John McCarthyJohn McCarthy

John has been surfing since he was ten and is one of Ireland's big wave pioneers. He was one of the driving forces in the group of surfers and bodyboarders that first surfed Ireland's giant wave at Aill na Searrach in October 2005 along with his tow-in partner and boyhood friend Dave Blount, Mickey Smith, Rusty Long, Robin Kent & Danny Wall. John later christened the wave 'Aileens' and the rest as they say is history..
John now runs the Lahinch Surf School in Lahinch, Co. Clare.


Rod Bennett surfing with his favourite dolphinRod Bennett

Rod Bennet has been surfing since 1968 and fell in love with Ireland on a surfari in 1973 later moving to Ireland to be a full-time Soul Surfer. Rod talks about the exciting early days of Irish surfing when most surfers knew each other and gives a sometimes comic insight into the rudimentary equipment of the time.


Mickey Smith at 'work'Mickey Smith

Mickey is a professional surf photographer and bodyboarder from Cornwall in the UK and has been coming to Ireland since he was sixteen searching for and riding big waves. Mickey has been the charger in the discovery and riding of many big and slab waves off Ireland's Atlantic coast as well as many other parts of the world.


Mole riding a 50 foot wave at AileensDan 'Mole' Joel

Mole is a big wave surfer from Porthleven in Cornwall, UK and has been pioneering new frontiers tow surfing some of the UK and Ireland's biggest waves. In September 2006 when hurricane Gordon created perfect swell conditions off the west coast of Ireland, Sam Lamiroy towed Mole into a fifty foot wave at Aileens, Mole made the massive drop and survived the on-rushing mountain of whitewater, so surfing himself into history... we believe that this was the biggest wave ever surfed in the UK or Ireland.


Sam Lamiroy on his honeymoon at Aileens Sept 2006Sam Lamiroy

Sam is a professional surfer from Newcastle, UK and now lives in Cornwall. Sam is the current British Pro tour champion and has competed on the world professional surf tour circuit for many years. Along with his tow-in partner, Mole Joel, Sam has been breaking boundaries tow-surfing big waves in the the UK & Ireland for the past few years.



Saul Harvey - Aileen's surferSaul Harvey

Saul has been surfing since he was ten years old and and is now a veterinarian in his native Co. Clare. Saul was one of the first local surfers to tow-in to Aileens and gives a remarkably frank and honest account of what it feels like to ride a forty foot wave.

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