sea fever
sea fever

"This doccie is thick with cultural nuance, partly the indomitable seafaring spirit of the Irish."

Wavescapes, South Africa November 2008

"If you still don't think Ireland is a legitimate wave zone, pick up a copy of Sea Fever. The flick, which is part surf film and part documentary, will introduce you to the people, places and very real waves that make Ireland a vital landing pad for any surf seeker worth his weight in Guinness."

Surfer Magazine USA July 2008

"Forty years of Irish surfing. From the early pioneers to the recent discovery of the un-jolly green giant Aileens, this is the definitive Irish surf flick. ... certainly rootsy, hardcore and full of surfing devotion."

Surfing Magazine USA June 2008 issue

"Beautifully shot and slickly edited, Sea Fever charts the arrival and growth over the last forty years of big wave surfing in Ireland.
Two years work have produced an epic production worthy of bigger budgets and the quality of footage is tantamount to O'Sullivan's skills and dedication and the hell man instinct of Ireland's and Britain's big wave surfers.
This film is dramatic, ballsy, fascinating and manages to capture the character and charm of Irish surfing…"

Pitpilot - British & Irish Surf Magazine

"The film is steeped in dedication and reverence, highly entertaining and full of jaw-dropping waves. O'Sullivan's love for his subject - Irish surfing - shines through beautifully in this relaxed romp around the coast of the Emerald Isle, past and present."

Surfer's Path - Alex Dick-Read

"..covers Irish surfing unlike any movie before, it is well made and interesting throughout.. If you are Irish it is a must, if you have any interest in Irish surfing you should also get hold of a copy as it captures the vibe of Irish surfing and surf history perfectly. "

Wavelength - British & Irish Surf Magazine

".. slickly edited independently made movie complete with jaw-dropping footage of surfers surfing the Aill na Searracht (Aileens) wave off the Cliffs of Moher. "

- Irish Independent

"Seafever is a soulful insight into the growth of big wave surfing in Ireland. With dramatic footage and eloquent insight from Irish pioneers and the new Irish professional surfers it captures the spirit and addresses many questions with honesty and integrity"

Carve Magazine

"...a great Irish surf film, a reflective, relaxed look at surfing in the Emerald Isle, the Aileens footage is worth the price of admission alone. Sea Fever is a professional mix of great surfing, interviews with key characters old and new, gorgeous scenics and it's all soundtracked perfectly.
In short it's an essential purchase.

Fins Magazine

"... an enjoyable documentary and a well made film capturing the thrills, history and spectacular waves, such as the giant Aileens off the Cliffs of Moher. Especially intguing treatment of the early surfers who 'discovered' the sport in Ireland..."

Four Stars - Tom Hickey / Irish Examiner Film Review

Watching Sea Fever will leave you with that same stoked refreshed feeling as an early morning session, on a cool deserted beach as the sun comes up. Sea Fever is a surf film with captures the essence of surfing that in many other parts of the world has been lost. It is a great surf film, which creates an impression of Ireland as being an outpost on the border of a great wilderness, the last great untamed surfing frontier, full of wild characters with a glint in their eye and broad grins on their faces. - Click here for full review.

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"This is the kind of video that keeps my faith in surf films. There is nothing more inspiring than a dedicated individual who works with his friends to give insight to a specific part of surfing that he is passionate about. Ken Sullivan finally drops Sea Fever, an Irish surf film project, which he filmed for two years. He documents the history, from the first "Morning of the Earth" crowd who surfed here to the current big waves scene that rivals any on the planet.

This is a real gem. Enjoy."

Jon Coen - April 2008

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