sea fever
sea fever


Sea Fever - Filmed over the course of two years to capture the mood of Irish surfing throughout the seasons.

Sea Fever is an insight film into the surf culture that has developed in Ireland over the last forty years. With dramatic footage from Ireland's giant wave 'Aileens' (Aill na Searrach) at the 700 feet Cliffs of Moher and close-up interviews with the troubadour surfers that brave these 40 - 50 foot waves to Kevin Cavey and the early pioneers of the 1960s & 70s with their rudimentary equipment and spirit of adventure, Sea Fever sets out to capture the character and craic of Irish surfing.

Sea Fever is Ken O’Sullivan’s first production.


Sea Fever DVD cover 

Sea Fever comes in two DVD versions, PAL which is generally the European format and NTSC which is the USA format, if you are unsure click here to see which DVD format works in your country. *

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Customers who bought Sea Fever said:

"Be ware... 'Sea Fever' is very contagious!...It's a great piece of work, jaw droping BIG wave footage, spectacular filiming, inspiring interviews, entertaining and informative....

Top class value for your money delivered to your door stop straight away." - John Kenny, Mayo, Ireland

"Really liked Sea Fever, it was great the way the generations were blended together. I thought the tow in sequences were excellent and the story unfolded really well. I really liked the feel of the documentary and I'm delighted to be able to show it to some friends here in the USA as I've been talking about surfing in Ireland for some years and they all thought I was crazy.
I thought this brought all aspects of surfing in Ireland together really well in a very personal manner." - Mike Lovatt - Chicago, USA

"I really enjoyed watching the film and knew little about the surfing in Ireland despite not living a million miles away in Devon. The film was great! DVD was delivered the next working day!" - Blain Bishop - Devon, UK

"I had heard about Aileens before but I didn't realise the sheer scale of it. Sea Fever really opened up my eyes to the big wave surfing scene in Ireland. I never imagined such monster waves were right here on my doorstep in Ireland and I certainly never thought I'd see anyone surfing them. Sea Fever has some eye popping big wave action that is as good as if not better than anywhere in the world and it has certainly made me rethink my attitude to surfing in Ireland - an awesome DVD worth every penny!!

Irish Surfer in awe! Seriously good dvd. Got the DVD in a couple of days." - Gordon Colleran, Galway, Ireland

"A good all-round movie - clips of surf and surfers new and old, BIG and small, all tied together by a good yarn and the DVD arrived quickly. I'm still watching it over and over again .... its ace!" - David Cocks, Isle of Anglesey UK

"I thought Sea Fever was one of the first Irish surfing documentaries to really capture the progression and attitudes to surfing in Ireland over the last fifty years. A great promotion of the Irish surfing culture developing here. Keep up the good work.. DVD arrived very promptly, took me a bit by surprise to be honest! " -Gregg Barry - Cork, Ireland

"Loved the movie, thought it was fab! Great interviews, breathtaking shots, superb action! Really captures the spirit of surfing in Ireland...a must see for anyone interested in surfing or interested in getting into surfing whether young or old, brilliant ! DVD arrived in a few days." - Cliona Ni Shuilleabhain - Dublin

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